Smart USB Backpack with Charger.Fits Laptop 15.6 ins.


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WHY YOU NEED IT: because all its qualities will make you fall in love with it and you can not spend a single day without accompanying you to all your daily adventures. Measures: 44x32x14 cms.
ERGONOMICS AND MAXIMUM COMFORT: the design of this backpack makes it possible to distribute the weight so as not to overload the shoulders. Its adjustable straps make it hold up to the necessary height to maintain a correct ergonomic posture and improve posture. In addition, its breathable padding in the lumbar and dorsal area makes it more comfortable to transport.
INTELLIGENT BACKPACK: this new concept will change your life. And is that this backpack not only serves to transport your things but also you can charge your Smartphone or your Tablet while you use it. This backpack has a USB port connected inside with your Powerbank that will facilitate the use of your devices at any time and anywhere without worrying about cables or plugs.
DESIGN: simple and minimalist so you can take it with you on any occasion and with any look. Because we know that it is not only important to carry your things safely, but also to carry them with style.
QUALITY SINCE 1942: We are a Spanish brand, full of tradition and experience in the sector. We prioritise product excellence and customer satisfaction. Zerimar has been a leader in the leather sector since 1942.

Every day we move around the city to go to work, to class or just to go out for coffee with the insecurity that our Tablet or Smartphone runs out of battery.

And nowadays we have practically our whole life in our devices that normally accompany us with each step we take.

But finally we have a resistant and comfortable solution to avoid these insecurities that we carry each time we leave.

This Smart Urban Backpack has a Minimalist design. Its Semi-Rigid materials are Resistant and a cut test . The fabric repels water without difficulty and its anti-impact design will keep the interior safe from falls or bumps.

Its Incredible Interior Organization will keep your things in order at all times. Also thanks to its External USB Port you can take your Powerbank with you always available to not run out of battery.


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Smart USB Backpack with Charger.Fits Laptop 15.6 ins.

Smart USB Backpack with Charger.Fits Laptop 15.6 ins.

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